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Top attraction spells for love Marriage and Money

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Attraction will always be face valve of human nature,It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old, Cis, Gay, Hetero, or they/them, love is the one thing on everyone’s mind. Top attraction spells for love Marriage and Money

Whether you agree with the Beatles that it’s “All You Need is Love,” or with Pat Benatar that “Love is a Battlefield,” no one in this life escapes having to go at least once around the block with their heart in their hand. Yet even though it’s our most primal desire, love can also be something mysterious and magical, like the love spells cast by witches in fairy tales. Speaking of such spells, you might be thinking to yourself, “is that even possible? Do those things really work?” Let’s take a look, maybe it turns out we’re not in Kansas anymore. WHAT ARE LOVE SPELLS? Before discussing casting spells, let’s first consider the basic definition of what a spell is and how it operates. A spell is a psychic intention sent out into the world through some form of ritual means that seeks to influence physical reality.



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