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What are magic spells?

Let’s explain it this way. Since Einstein, many scientists have come to believe the universe is a unified field, which means that somehow everything is connected on a sub-atomic level.

Magic spells are essentially an ancient version of this idea and operate on what occultists call the law of attraction.

That means when you cast a love spell, you’re sending out a vibe that wants to connect with another person who wants the same.

While advanced spell casting is both an art and science that takes years to learn, simple spells works can be done by almost anyone.

If you believe in the power of love to bring people together, we have a list of some basic love spells, marriage chants, and attraction spells that work overnight to help you do just that.

Best Love Spells That Work Overnight

  1. Honey Jar Love Spell - Easiest for beginners

  2. Pink Candle Love Spell - Attract new love

  3. No Ingredients Love Spell - Build attraction 

  4. Marriage Love Spell - Rekindle your connection

  5. Saffron Herbs Love Spell - Spice up your relationship

  6. Photograph Love Spell - Powerful ritual 

  7. Poppet Magic Love Spell - Targetted spell

  8. Full Moon Love Spell - Overcome loneliness 

  9. Get an Ex back Love Spell - Reunite with a past

1. Honey Jar Love Spell 

The honey jar spell is used to improve an existing relationship and sweeten a situation.

  • A Honey Jar

  • A pen

  • A piece of paper

How To Cast This Spell

  1. Write your intention and the names of both people on a piece of paper.  The intention must be absolutely clear for the spell to work.

  2. Fold the paper three times and place it in the jar. The number 3 is for wholeness and clear self-expression.

  3. Put the paper in the jar.

  4. Seal the jar

  5. Place your jar in a safe place. Many Wiccan practitioners suggest putting it near any flowers or plants in bloom.

Bottom Line

You’ll know the sweetness of the honey jar spell is working if you no longer feel any of the previous tension the next time you’re with the other person.


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2. Pink Candle Spell To Attract Love

Pink candles are used to attract new love.

In traditional spell casting, a flame symbolizes spirit, and pink is the color associated with love and romance.

  • A small pink candle

  • A piece of white paper

  • A pen

How To Cast This Spell

  1. Light a new pink candle on a Friday (the day of Venus)

  2. Write your name and the other person’s on the paper.

  3. Draw a circle that includes both names in it.

  4. Close your eyes and imagine you both together in a loving embrace.

  5. Chant 3 times “May our fates become one with the power of love. So mote it be.”

  6. Meditate on the burning flame until it goes out. Feel its warmth in your heart. 

Bottom Line

If you can almost feel the other person’s presence during your visualization, the spell will likely be successful.


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3. No Ingredient Love Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love With You

This is a simple attraction spell to draw a lover closer. No ingredient love spells use only the power of words, chanting, and your ability to meditate on a goal.

  • You’ll only need words and your energy

How To Cast This Spell

  1. Relax in a quiet place on a Friday (the day of Venus)

  2. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus on your romantic interest.

  3. Imagine yourself in a loving embrace with this person.

  4. Believe the love you feel is strong enough to bring you together.

  5. Gently start chanting the person’s name until you feel their presence.

  6. Repeat this love spell once a week for a month on Fridays.

Bottom Line

Mediation is the most powerful form of spiritual practice. By focusing your positive energy on the person you desire, you’ll attract them with the power of your feelings.  


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4. Marriage Spell To Reignite the Spark

This spell rekindles the flame of romance in a marriage. Marriage spells to reignite the spark are perfect for partners who have drifted apart but want to stay together.

  • A pink face-to-face lovers’ candle

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